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Refractive Surgery

Refractive Surgery

Refractive surgery is a surgical method which enhances your vision having refractive errors namely Myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. The dynamic of the procedure includes reshaping your eye layer known as “Cornea” to increase your focusing power. The most commonly used technique is laser assisted which changes the curvature of the cornea hence induce sharpness.

The Criteria for refractive surgery is:

  • Individuals who wants to get rid of glasses
  • Who don’t have other eye diseases
  • Who have apparent refractive errors
  • A complete eye examination is paramount to evaluate your fitness for this procedure. Your eye doctor will decide the procedure then which is best suited for your vision.

Best Refractive Surgery In Lahore:

Successful completion of 5 years of working with refractive surgery at National Eye Center. With blessing of Almighty Allah we acquired the World's most advanced Alcon Wavelight Femto Second FS200, World's Fastest Machine for Carving LASIK with minimum IOP raise during suction phase 1st of its kind in Lahore & 4th in Pakistan. We have done successfully Femto Lasik and PRK cases with zero error. Our Installed Alcon Topolyzer & Femto Second FS 200 from Alcon for Topo Guided refractive surgery & Perfect central (Visual Axis) ablation. We have the ability to treat any range of refractive error. We are self-reliant in dealing all kind of refractive / Corneal Irregularities, Keratoconous from /CR , Astigmatic keratotomy, Lamellar Corneal transplants & pressbyopic treatment . We have set up a complete floor for Cornea and refractive surgery To get rid of glasses and contact lenses visit us confidently for complete solutions.
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